Monday, June 18, 2012

M and Eric

I'm very sleepy now but I feel that I really need to type out everything that happened today before I forget!

This morning, my friend and I went over to the hotel that Minwoo and Eric were staying at to see if we'll be able to see them cos we're very sad that we missed them at Clarke Quay the night before! My friend is Minwoo bias and I'm Hyesung-Eric bias. So we waited from 11am to almost 4pm but they didn't leave their hotel room at all. We're very sure cos the security, who brings them around, is in the lobby all the time.

At around 4pm, we decided that we should just give up and go have lunch. We'll come back at 9pm, which is around the time that they're gonna leave for airport. So we left the hotel and went to USS area to have lunch and then to coffee bean. Then we watched Shinhwa Broadcast in Coffee Bean! It's so funny!!

We wanted to go back to the hotel after that but it's too early so we continued to sit outside Coffee Bean and planned to leave at 7.30pm. Just as we're about to leave, at 7.20pm, a group of guys walked towards Coffee Bean. My friend was backfacing them and I saw someone who looks like Minwoo. But I didn't want to tell my friend before I am sure cos I don't want to disappoint her. The guy was in army green singlet, berms and slippers. -.- I finally saw that YES, IT IS LEE MINWOO!!

This was why I tweeted this!

He sat near the door, with his managers and dancers. So we could see him cos it's a glass door and he was facing the door. They sat there for about 10 to 15 mins then they left. We walked towards the USS entrance and saw them taking photos there later.

Which is this.. [From Lee Jong Hyun]

We went back to the hotel at about 8.30pm. Their managers, cody and dancers came down before 9pm but Minwoo and Eric only came down at about 9.15pm. Both of them were in shades and Minwoo changed out of his singlet. Haha! Eric is just.. SO HANDSOME! But both of them looked really tired.

Okay the end.

I'm contented that I got to see both of them so upclose and especially when Minwoo just appeared infront of us when we have already given up. (:

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