Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The other side of the story

I was reading this article today and I felt that it wasn't written fairly. I was at the concert itself and I felt like some parts were better than what was stated. I know that an article can't be about everything good and the concert was definitely not perfect but at least both sides of the stories should be told.

But unfortunately, Shinhwa were none too impressive vocally. This seemed to be partly due to glitches with the sound equipment and Kim even went off stage more than once to get things fixed.

This is my first Shinhwa concert and I felt that the vocals were impressive! At least it's one of the best among the kpop groups. 

It's true that the ear monitors were faulty for almost all the members, but they're professional enough to not let it affect their singing most of the time. Dongwan's EM almost didn't get fixed at all, but he still kept up to his singing standard almost throughout! Isn't that something that should also be mentioned? 

Look at Dongwan's troubled face, but compare it to the vocal. I think he didn't let the faulty EM get in the way of his singing too much?

Dongwan's adlib. 

Now, look at Hyesung. He's fixing his EM throughout, which shows that it's probably faulty, but his singing is still good other than one part where he stopped.

Another source of frustration was the fact that the banter between songs was left untranslated. This was not an obstacle for a sizeable portion of the audience since understanding Korean is a mark of the true-blue K-pop fan.
But for the rest of the audience, the only thing that registered was the repeated reference to Singapore.

I agree that it wasn't such a good idea to not have a translator cos there're many parts where the boys needed responses from the audience but they didn't get it because of the language barrier. But, Eric spoke English and Minwoo tried his best to speak English. And, they even slowed down when they're speaking Korean and tried to use actions to get the message across. Why aren't such efforts mentioned?

It may not have been the perfect comeback but it bodes well for the guys that the loudest cheers and most enthusiastic singalong segment were for the updated electropop of comeback single Venus.

I felt that it's a perfect comeback! They've only been to Singapore twice in the past and the last time was 6 years ago, but they managed to have the concert venue filled. How many men in their 30s can sing and dance like them for 2 hours? Not to mention their professionalism despite the technical hiccups.

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