Thursday, June 14, 2012


During office hour, I received news that Minwoo is gonna arrive in Singapore at 10.55pm last night and my heart started to float to the airport already! Haha. I packed my stuff at 5.55pm and flew out of office on the dot at 6pm. This is my first time catching the 6.10pm bus from my workplace. Went home to grab the camera and then to airport to have dinner with my friend.

I was supposed to meet my friend for dinner in town but I had to change plans to eat at airport because of Minwoo! And my friend was already in town! >.<

The flight landed on time and Minwoo strolled out in white top, hat and black frames! I guess he took quite long to appear cos he's taking photos with fans before the customs. *Jealous*

He looked quite happy and shocked to see so many fans at the airport. I didn't expect so many people to be there too cos it's a weekday. And there were no barricades! While waiting for his luggage (which took quite long too), he waved and took photos with passers-by! He's so friendly that he didn't even reject or hesitate! And his manager is so friendly too. He even helped the passers-by take photos with Minwoo -.-

After getting their luggages, Minwoo strolled towards the exit slowly and was still waving. WHY IS HE SO NICE!! He turned around and held on to his manager's arm like a little boy. Hahahaha!

When they came out, they had to walk a distance to the exit to get on their van. As I have said, there were no barricades so they had through the crowd of fans but luckily everyone was well-behaved. It was so crowded that the manager almost couldn't keep up. So he had to say "sorry sorry!" and tried to keep up with Minwoo and the security. It's damn cute and funny cos at one point of time, he was walking beside me and I heard someone who kept saying sorry while trying to squeeze through then I turned and realised it's his manager.

The only thing I must say is: MINWOO IS REALLY SUPER NICE AND FRIENDLY!!

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