Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's wrong

There are many people whom I can never understand..

1) Hardcore individual fans

How can you like a particular member from Super Junior but HATE Super Junior? It doesn't make sense unless you never ever watch concerts, shows or anything that cast anyone other than your favourite member. To me, they are a team. They belong together. If there's no Super Junior, there's no Eeteuk, no Heechul, no Kangin, no Shindong, no Sungmin, no Eunhyuk, no.......

It's okay to have your favourite member. It's okay to have a member that you don't like that much. But to the extent of HATING them? To the extent of bashing them for the sake of your favourite member?

2) Hardcore shippers

It's okay for me if you say you like EunHae, KyuMin blah blah blah. I like them together too, but solely as FRIENDS or BROTHERS. It's not okay for me if it's to the extent of thinking that they're really gays and they can only be with each other. There are some people who will even hate other members for "spoiling" their OTP.

I don't even know why some people go to the extent of making a gay story out of every single little thing. This is why I hate translating the parts where Sungmin mentioned Kyu on Sukira or anything like that. If Sungmin says that he drinks with Kyu, the story will start snowballing and end up with Kyu having sex with Sungmin or whatever.

No, I have no issues with gays. It doesn't matter to me whether you are straight, gay, les, or bi. I just hate the bashing of other members because of this OTP shit.


On a side note, I've no idea what to write about anymore. Please give me some suggestion! Or ask me questions in the comment box then I will answer them. Haha.


  1. Ah!! I so agree on the brotherhood = gay thing. Its really double standards. On one hand fans support this 'couple' or that. But on the other hand if really one of them comes out as a real gay, can the fans really accept? I always wonder if fans ever consider this.

    'Couple' = good brothers/team mates. Dun think too much.

    Fans reading pls dun bash...

  2. Ahh same that's why I don't real fan fics. Some are kind of distorting their image >.< I mean no harm just my personal opinion tho !

  3. Yeah. I dun read too. Some too over... (@_@)

  4. when asked to choose a member name which became my idol and I could not call it ...
    because I love them all ...
    no kangteuk, eunhae, kyumin etc ..

    I prefer if they remain under the auspices of the "super junior" ..

    I love them because they are super junior ....

    too much exaggerating their closeness ..