Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So I said that I will start blogging instead of just posting translations. I hope I don't get too lazy and this can go on..

Maybe I should start with an introduction... on how I fell into this Super Junior "trap". LOL.

I'm not a super experienced fan who started liking them since pre-debut sort. In fact, I'm actually rather new to the fandom. I only started knowing about them in 2009 when I watched SJM on 100% Entertainment.

I started liking Wook cos he kept stoning in the show and it's so funny! So I went to search for more Wook-related videos on Youtube and I found the cut of Wook scolding Hyuk in Intimate Note. Then I watched Intimate Note and started liking Heenim and Eunhyuk. From then on, it's Heenim Heenim Heenim and more Heenim! My bias list changes all the time, but Heenim remains my top priority no matter what.

In 2010, I caught SS2 Encore in Shanghai. At that time, I still couldn't exactly tell who is who. I'm very bad at remembering faces. Maybe that's also why it's hard for me to like the other new groups.

After that was more and more Youtube videos. I think I finished almost all Suju's videos that are available on YouTube. I remember how I spend my whole summer holiday watching videos till 5am in the morning and then wake up at 3pm and continue watching more videos till 5am again. It's totally crazy!

The weird thing is, I actually started learning Korean before I like Suju. I assume most fans learn Korean because they like K-Pop? In my University, 70% of the foreign student population are Koreans. So, I got to know a few Korean friends and then started learning Korean. They brought my friends and I to the KTV and the first Korean song I learnt was actually 2PM's Again & Again.

After that, I decided that I should practice Korean by doing translations. Then come heequeenTing and my blog.

That's probably all?


  1. Keep blogging ! I like your tweets and I understand how you feel cuz I am not a super-experienced fan either. And the best thing is that heenim is also my king regardless of how my bias list changes ^^