Monday, May 28, 2012


It's Monday morning again! Monday blues +___+ Actually, I have weekday blues. Hate waking up early! Trying to think of the common questions I always get on my twitter so that I can answer them once and for all here..

1) Where are you from?
Singapore. It's written on my twitter profile!

2) Do you stay in Korea?
No I don't. I stay in Singapore but I travel to Seoul about once a year?

3) Who is your bias from Super Junior?
Kim Heechul. In case you missed it, my twitter name is HEEqueenting.

4) Do you speak Thai/Malayu/French/Jap *insert any other language*
I only understand English, Chinese and Korean. So please don't tweet me in any other languages cos I can't understand them anyway and as you know, google translate can never work at all.

5) How long have you been learning Korean? Do you have any recommendation for language school in Singapore?
I started self-learning in 2009 and started attending language school in 2010. The language school that I used to go is not in Singapore, but I started attending classes at Daehan Korean Language Centre recently. I think that it's important to learn the basics from a proper language school. Self-learning can come after you've mastered the basics. I think that Daehan is good for beginners but might be a little too slow for higher levels.

6) Do you have streaming links for Sukira, Music Bank or any other shows?
I usually don't have streaming links cos I watch them directly from the TVstations' website. All the websites or applications require login ID. Anyone can apply for the IDs but if I didn't remember wrongly, all the applications are in Korean, so you've to know Korean to be able to navigate. And, applications are subject to approval.

For Sukira, you've to download Kong from KBS. Here for KBS TV shows. Here for MBC radio and shows. Here for SBS.

7) Are you a blogshop owner?

8) What camera/video camera did you use to take photos during concerts and events? How did you bring them into the concert venues?
I get such questions a lot, especially when I upload photos. I just grab whatever that's available in my house or use devices borrowed from others. I'm unable to answer the first question cos I don't even know what camera model I'm using most of the time. -.-

As for the second question, I don't answer it all the time cos I don't want people to take what I said as the 100% successful way to bring cameras into concert venues and later blame me for getting caught. And more often than not, the bag checks at entrance are quite lenient but security is really strict in the venue itself.

9) What show are you watching? (When I start commenting on a particular member, etc)
Please refer to previous tweets cos I usually share the show name or links (if any) before talking about it.

10) Do you hate SNSD/Big Bang/TVXQ/EXO/2PM etc?
Up till now, I haven't seen any group or artiste that I really hate. I won't insult them in any way unless provoked. In fact, I'm annoyed with the fans rather than the artistes themselves most of the time. So, I still continue to support their music as long as it's good. Other than Suju, I have SNSD, Big Bang, TVXQ, 2PM, 2AM, F(X), EXO, SHINee, 2NE1, Miss A, Shinhwa, T-ara, Kara, Sistar..... songs in my playlist.


I shall stop here since I can't think of any more questions.

It's funny how 500+ people read my previous entry but only 3 commented. WHY YOU ALL NO COMMENT!! Hahahahaha.


  1. how old are you?

  2. hope I can meet you one day.. b^^d

  3. test test. yes it works. lol. so i wanted to post this comment for the sake of commenting so that u can be happy that there are comments on ur post. lol. btw, i honestly thought u started liking SJ since like forever. lol.

  4. i don't hate nor love SNSD in general...i like some of their songs though... :')i'm more into loving kpop songs more than the artists...i guess SJ's just too special that i like them more than their songs! :')

  5. How long does it take to be able to speak and read korean fluently?

    When did you start becoming an ELF?

    1. I think it depends on how much you practise. If you have Korean friends who can practice with you, it's possible within a year.

  6. Do you currently study or work?

  7. hey..

    nice to meet you..

    i has just following you in twitter..see you there.. :)

    thank you so much for sharing super junior update..

    im Mei
    23years old
    from indonesia..

    hope we can be friend.. :)

  8. Thanks for All the Update Information..^^

    I really helped with that. Nice to meet you!

    are you chinese ? and why you didn't put gadget followers on your blog?