Friday, June 1, 2012


Yesterday was our private screening for I AM at Plaza Sing. It's my first time coordinating such a big event (imagine 540 movie tickets) with idolmerch (the truth is they did most of the stuff and I only helped with the promoting part -.-), so a big big big thank you to everyone who came! A big thank you for your understanding should there be any mistake. And hope all of you liked the gifts and vouchers, all sponsored by idolmerch! :D

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

Honestly, I was very pissed when there were spoilers floating all over twitter and weibo when the movie was aired somewhere else. The translators only indicated that it's from I AM at the end of the post. If they had put it at the front, I would have known that it's a spoiler and I won't read it! So now, I am telling you that I'm going talk about the content of the movie, so don't read on if you don't want spoilers!

Initially, I thought the movie would be a touching one, but it turned out to be quite funny. I love the parts showing the trainee days of the SM artistes. Technology made it possible for current Eunhyuk to dance with young Eunhyuk. That's really really cool!

They named Yesung "Kim Jong Hun" in one part of the movie! -.-

There's a part where they showed Hyuk in his trainee days and he's complaining that he's hungry. The way he talks and his innocent smile did not change at all over the years. He also talked about how he met Teuk when he's still middle school and till now, Teuk still treats him like a kid.

Sungmin also remained exactly the same. Why is he always lack of confident! He refused to dance when he's asked to cos he's not confident enough. And this cute boy appeared to wipe Wook's tears when Wook cried while doing the interview! So sweet!!

I'm not a fan of BoA and I don't really follow her news. But I was really touched by her parts in the movie where they showed how she started training when she's really young. I bet it's much tougher cos she's all alone. At least the other groups have their group members to rely on, but she only had herself. And she's so tiny, even up till now!

The funniest part was when Victoria's interview when she's featured in SHINee's MV. She still can't speak Korean well at that time so she's struggling with how to pronounce "SHINee" in Korean in front of the camera.

There was one or two scenes of Heenim's backview when the behind-the-scene clips of Suju's first debut stage was shown. But there's front view of Kibum and Kangin. However, they mosaic-ed JYJ's faces in the movie.

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