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6-7Dec2011 Sukira Trans

6 Dec 2011

Today’s introduction: I am Super Junior’s Sungmin who just became Sukira’s second generation DJ yesterday.

Sungmin said that there might be people who don’t know who they are after listening to their voices so he introduced himself again. Wook also introduced himself again then he said “I hope we can become close to the listeners soon.”

Sungmin said that because of bora, he’s been taking better care of his outer appearance (like hair, etc) recently. That’s why he showed his socks to Wook just now..

Sungmin put up his leg to show Wook his socks cos he's known as Suju's fashion terrorist. Then Wook said "Ah, smell!" then Sungmin put down his leg and said "sorry".

Wook said he’s happy to meet Sanduel overseas cos they performed on the same concert in Malaysia.

Wook started talking before introducing the song, so Sungmin reminded him to introduce the song that they just listened to first.

Wook said that he ate cereal and suddenly Donghae came in and said “Ryeowook, why are you drinking this? It has already expired!” Wook looked at it then realized it has already expired for a few months!!

Wook said that Sungmin read all the messages and said “Ah! We must read this!” but he can’t find it now. He finally found it. 2 messages that talked about tomorrow’s Sukira concert. Listener asked what they are going to do and Sungmin said it’s a secret.

Listener said that there’s no tv in their school dorm so he listened to radio and thinks it’s interesting. Wook said that he’s never stayed in school dorm so he doesn’t know that there’s no tv in school dorms. Sungmin said he’s never stayed in a school dorm before too, but school dorms are for studying, so there shouldn’t be tv.

Listener said that it’s Suju’s 2222th day of debut today.

Kyuhyun sent message in and RyeoSung thanked him for listening. Then Sungmin said “I have something to say to him, please sleep!” Ryeowook said “I want to say, I miss you!” Sungmin said Teukie also sent in a message in the first part, but he didn’t see the message. Wook said “I also have something to say to Teuk, well done!”

Wook requested to play Kyuhyun's song after reading his text message..

Kyuhyun texted in again when they played his song. He said “Oh, my song came out!” Then Sungmin said “Seems like he’s bored at home..”

Sungmin read the song title of the last English song then Wook said “Oh, your English is good!” Then Sungmin replied “It’s tiring because it’s a little long.”

7 Dec 2011

Wook: "Everyone....... We.... worked with APink just now!!!!" -- During Sukira's concert just now.

Oh it's not Sukira's concert, it's KBS concert. So there're many senior DJs who came, and RyeoSung were nervous because of that. RyeoSung said that they're still having gathering now but they had to leave to come to studio for broadcast.

Listener: “What song did you all sing with APink? Ryeowook seems happy.” But Sungmin said that for the sake of broadcast, they can only say it’s a pop song. LOL.

Guests praised Ryeowook saying that he lost a lot of weight and said he became more handsome. Then Sungmin said “He dyed his hair too!”

Listener talked about his girlfriend and RyeoSung started to get jealous. Sungmin said he didn’think about getting married, but after seeing Teukie’s “marriage”, he’s thinking about it. Then Wook asked “Sungmin sshi, how old will you be next year?” Then Sungmin kept quiet. Hahaha. Then Sungmin asked Wook what song he would like to listen with his girlfriend and Wook said “But I have no girlfriend.. so…” then they ended the topic.

Listener texted in to say that Hyuk did well for Fame. Then Sungmin said “well done, our Eunhyuk-ie~” Then Sungmin said that Hyuk might be listening on the car now, while he’s on his way back to dorm from his musical. He asked Hyuk to text him if he’s listening.

Wook said that a ridiculous accident happened to him today. His gym trainer came to dorm to fetch him but he accidentally hit the car beside when he opened the door, because the trainer’s car was too big for the parking lot.

Ryeowook said that one of the staff is “fashion leader”. Then RyeoSung kept praising that she’s pretty.

Ryeowook said that Sungmin once promised to sing this song, so he asked Sungmin if he remembered. Sungmin: “I remember all promises.” But they said it’s not the time to do it now, so they will do it another time. Then Sungmin asked Wook if he remembers that he will sing “Moves like Jagger”. Wook said he will do it next Monday, right after SS4Japan!

Wook said that Sungmin’s parents called them to say that RyeoSung did well. Then Sungmin said “My mum is listening now.. I love you mum!”

Sungmin said he saw a listener texting in to say it’s his/her birthday today, but he can’t remember the name. So he just wished him/her happy birthday. Then Wook said “Happy birthday to everyone who’s having their birthday today.”

After Wook shared his story about his accident, many listeners texted in to talk about their accidents. One of them said “I’ve an accident too today, I came to Sukira late.” Then they had open studio and asked if it’s cold outside. One of the fans shouted “I am hungry!! I want to eat pizza!” Sungmin: “You want to eat pizza?” Wook: “Me too!”

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