Friday, February 24, 2012

24Feb2012 Sungdong Cafe - Callout to Siwon

Heenim said that he talked to Siwon before they broadcasted the callout & Siwon called him "darling".

Heenim: Ah our Siwon sshi, you went Singapore for concert recently right. You even took care of the fans there well..
Siwon: Ah?
Heenim: Didn't you save the falling barricade?
Siwon: I'm sorry, but that's in Seoul.

Heenim: I don't know when I might get married.. Will you give me your blessings?
Siwon: Who?
Siwon: I think I'll be worried.
Heenim: I'm going to hang up now..
Siwon: Ah, nonono..
Then Siwon told Heenim that fans threw up a Lady Heehee doll during SS4SG.

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