Sunday, February 26, 2012

16Feb2012 Sukira

RyeoSung said that the comfortable distance between one person and another is about 20cm.
Wook: Our current distance is about 35cm?
Sungmin: What?
Wook: Between our bodies.
Sungmin: Not our hearts?
Sungmin: It’s about 30cm for me.
Wook: The nearer it is, the more uncomfortable it is?
Sungmin: Yes.. Other than people I love. It’s a burden if people are too near to me. Imagine if I talk to you like this *Sungmin went near to Wook*
Wook: Ah, smelly..
Sungmin: What?
Wook: Nice smell.. Hahaha.

Listener texted in to say that she broke up with his boyfriend yesterday because he had another girl. Then she dedicated Beast’s I knew this would happen. Sungmin: “I feel like playing MBlaq’s This is War.

Listener’s problem: She sleeps too much.
Wook: Sungmin sshi, how much do you sleep?
Sungmin: I sleep more since I started doing Sukira. I used to sleep at around 11pm-12am and wake up at about 6-7am the next morning. If I sleep more, I will wake up around 8-9am.
Wook: Seems like you’re the kind that sleeps a lot..
Sungmin: Yes.. In the past, even if I sleep at 1am or 2am, I will wake up at 8am. But recently, I wake up after 10am. It’s a problem! What should I do?
Wook: There’re also many people who are troubled because they can’t sleep. I can’t fall asleep all the time too. There’re times when I can’t sleep because I’m stressed or troubled.
Sungmin: Why do I have no stress or trouble..?
RyeoSung: HAHAHAHA!!

Sungmin corrected the way Wook pronounces “doctor” in Korean and he said “I’m sensitive to pronunciation”.

Wook: I really sleep a lot when I was young so I don’t understand why I didn’t grow in height. Given the amount I sleep, I should grow to about 180-190cm.

Listener: Go on diet. If you’re hungry, you will wake up.
Wook: That’s right!! Ah, that’s why I am always unable to fall asleep!

Listener said that her mum always open the window in the morning. It’d be so cold that she can’t continue sleeping.
Sungmin: That’s right that’s right! My mum does that too!
Wook: I will get angry!
Sungmin: You can’t stop at opening the window, you must also on the vacuum cleaner.

Today’s letter is from a younger sister to her older brother who went to the army.
Sungmin: It’d good if I can have a younger sister like this. I have my younger brother, Sungjin, so it’s okay.
Wook: My mum and dad, it’s not too late! I want to have a younger sister!

Wook said that Miryo’s (guest who appeared in part 2) manager asked RyeoSung what they want to drink during part 1. They’re touched that Miryo took care of them so well.

RyeoSung said they want to get married at around 32 years old.

Question: When do you think you’re the prettiest?
Wook: Usually when we finish showering, we’ll look at our abs..
Miryo: Do you have abs?
Wook: I made it recently.
Sungmin: He showed it a few times already.
Miryo: Ah, sorry, I should follow you on twitter soon and look for the pictures.
Wook: I will upload one for you.
Miryo: Please upload it!! Hahahaha.
Sungmin: If you buy our album, I did it too.
Miryo: Really? When will it be out?
RyeoSung: The album that’s already out.
Sungmin: The previous one..
Then Sungmin said that Miryo looks sexiest when she’s rapping on stage.

Wook said that Miryo’s hairstyle looks like Sungmin’s hairstyle during Don’t Don period. Miryo: “Actually I was copying Sungmin sshi”.

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