Friday, February 24, 2012

5Dec2011 Sukira Trans

RyeoSung introduced themselves as Sukira’s 2nd generation DJ, Ryeowook and Sungmin.

Wook said that it’s not his first time seeing IU but it’s his first time seeing her so upclose.

Sungmin said that Wook always sing IU’s “You&I”.

IU said that “Nagging” “Good Day” and “You&I” is like a series of songs and Wook said “The feeling is like Sorry Sorry, Bonamana and Mr Simple”.

Wook asked “Eunhyuk, are you listening?!” Wook said that Hyuk called him to say he wants to do the radio today because there’s IU. Hahahaha!!

Talking about IU's fall at Melon Awards. Wook said that luckily she didn't hurt herself.

IU said she made a song looking at her dog. Wook said “Ah, I must hear it..”

Sungmin just asked Wook “why are you reading a sad content so funnily?”

Listener asked “Ryeowook oppa, are you really the president of IU’s fanclub?” Wook: “I want to be!!”

Listener asked IU to say something to Wook. Then Sungmin asked her to do aegyo. Wook: “Buing buing!!” But IU said she will do it the next time, not today. Then Wook said “I will do it first!” and he did buing buing.

RyeoSung said that IU’s part has already ended. IU: “Ah, it’s ended so quickly?” Wook: “You can stay with us for the second part.”

Listener said that she went for matchmaking but she has a boyfriend. Then Wook said “YOU CAN’T DO THIS!!!” Sungmin also said “XX sshi, you can’t do this!!”

In the story, the kid is called “Eunhyuk-ie” and they think it’s very funny cos Eunhyuk’s original name is Hyukjae and this kid’s original name is Eunhyuk.

Wook said he just downloaded k-player yesterday to listen to Sukira yesterday. Sungmin said that there’s a Sukira app. But it’s still EunTeuk’s faces on the app. So he jokingly said that they should change it quickly. Wook said that they can do it slowly.

Listener asked them about their feelings about the changed new logo song. Then Wook started telling about how he made the song in his room 5 years 3 months ago. Then they said that there’s still EunTeuk’s voice song in the logo song although some part of it is changed. And there are other members’ voices in the song too.

They made 2 new logo songs. Playing the 2nd new one and they asked listener to send in messages to tell them how it is and give them suggestions! RyeoSung said that they made the song after coming back from Malaysia.

Most of the messages voted for second new logo song and Sungmin is happy that they will use it from tomorrow cos he likes the second one too.

Sungmin said he wants to go skiing. Wook said "Do you have time? We have to meet at 10pm-12am everyday! Won't you be tired?" Sungmin: "I can go and sleep all the way till 10pm before I come for Sukira."

Wook said he asked his mum for kimchi then Sungmin said “Ah, you must help your mum to make it, if not she will be so tired.” Wook: “Er.. Of course.. I will help..”

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