Friday, February 24, 2012

22Feb2012 Sukira Trans

RyeoSung said that if you do something for 21 days, it'll become a habit.

Wook: We're really proud of the Super Junior brand. Sungmin: Yes, all our members are proud of the Super Junior brand. Wook: For Super Junior members, even if we're not number 1.. Sungmin: Even if we're not number 1, we really want to be the only 1. Wook: We will work hard.

Listener's trouble is that his gf will bring handmade food to his school about thrice per week. The food is not delicious but he doesn't know how to tell his gf.
Sungmin: You can try doing bento set with your gf and tell her your taste at the same time.
Wook: Just tell her truthfully.
Sungmin: The gf will get hurt if you tell her truthfully. Just say "I hope we can cook together next time." Then cook with her and tell her your preference naturally.
Wook: This is the difference between our personalities. I will just tell her truthfully.
Sungmin: Tell her it's not delicious?
Wook: I will just tell her as I eat. Were you sleepy when you're doing this..?
Wook: Actually my parents had this experience. When they're in a relationship, my mum made food for my dad. It's not delicious but my dad ate all. He only said after they got married and had a child.

Wook suggested doing lunchbox for the gf and put more salt. Sungmin: "That's bad!! The gf will think 'Ah, so he likes to eat salty food' and add more salt the next time! What to do!!"

Wook's conclusion: You just have to eat it. If you like her, you have to eat it. LOL.

Wook talked about people who doesn't taste the food after cooking, so they don't know if the food is delicious or not before giving it to other people.
Sungmin: "Who uses this kind of idiotic cooking method?"
Wook: "My mother! My mother doesn't do tasting. She doesn't taste food up till now! "
Sungmin: "I'm sorry!!"
Wook: "Our dad still eats everything.."
Sungmin: "I'm sorry, I said the wrong thing!! I'm sorry!!"

Sungmin: It's hard to eat Chinese food at first because of parsley. But recently, I don't know why Chinese food became so delicious. Then they talked about how all the members had to eat Korean food for every meal because of Hyuk. Sungmin: "We're Korean food ambassadors.." Wook: "That's right. But there should be an exception once in a while.."

Sungmin: Everyone must try the crab in Singapore!
Wook: Korea has that too.
Sungmin: Is it?
Wook: Aren't we global? We have everything..
Sungmin: Korea has Japanese ramen too. We have everything.
Wook: I will do something similar for you.
Sungmin: Really? Okay! Staff also said good. Do it for us.
Wook: Okay!
Sungmin: Cook and bring it here and share it with the people outside open studio.

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