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12-15Dec2011 Sukira

12 dec 2011

Wook said that his voice is a bit hoarse now because it’s really a big performance in Osaka.

Sungmin said that on the first day, he forgot to bring shorts when he dressed up as Marilyn Mingroe. His stylist also forgot. And he’s worried because Donghae and other members always flip his skirt in Seoul. But luckily they didn’t go to the second floor this time (didn’t go near the audience), so he just had to do wear on stage. But Eunhyuk suddenly started causing wind near his dress and he kept thinking “I can’t let it flip up!!”. Then Wook said: “I’m sorry Sungmin sshi, I just concentrated on being my Gollum. But Sungmin sshi, you’re really pretty!” HAHAHA!!

Sungmin talked about them getting 1st for oricon chart. Many listeners texted in to congratulate them and they said “we saw it~”

Sungmin said they can’t speak Spanish so she asked the girl to teach him how to say “hi” in Spanish.

Wook said that he understand what she’s saying but he can look at her expression. Then he said she’s pretty.

The girl said Super Junior is very famous in Chile and RyeoSung was very happy. Then Sungmin said “ah, I’m going to tear~~~”

RyeoSung said that they are very shocked cos the girl’s pronunciation is very good.

Sungmin asked if she can sing other kpop songs other than the 2NE1’s song that she just sang. Then Wook said “you can also sing Super Junior’s song.” The girl then sang a small part of Sorry Sorry, Bonamana and Mr Simple.

Sungmin called the girl Christina (not sure if the listener texted in wrongly or Sungmin read wrongly). Then Wook said “She’s Krystal.”

RyeoSung are shocked cos PD played the old logo song with EunTeuk's name. Then they said "PD!! How can you do this!! That's too much!! Are you still thinking about EunTeuk?"

Listener asked what’s that giraffe doing in the studio and Wook said he received it as gift when he came back from Japan today. And he wanted to show Sukira listeners so he brought it. He said he’s embarrassed cos he bought a really big giraffe soft toy (from Taiwan). Sungmin said “Why? It’s cute!”

They said a lot of people sent "promise!" in. They want RyeoSung DJs to sing as promised~

Listener said "Ah, Wook is indeed KRY member. He sat down and sang while Sungmin sshi looked really tired." But Wook said that it's cos he hurt his leg during yesterday's concert, but it's not serious.

Sungmin said that he suddenly felt hungry. Maybe he didn’t feel it cos he’s very nervous about singing live just now so he didn’t feel it. He said “I’m very hungry now. What should I do?!”

Wook said that he wants to try doing part-time job cos he hasn’t tried it before. Then he suddenly said “Ah! I did it once! Wedding singer.”

Donghae texted in and said he’s listening while driving. Then Wook said “where are you going?! You should practice!” Then Sungmin said “Ah seems like he’s on the way to practice?” Then Wook said that he wants to go support them when EunHae go on music show for “Oppa has arrived”.

#Sukira Wook said that he's going to treat Sungmin to food after Sukira. Wook asked Sungmin what he wants to eat & Sungmin said "anything~ Because I'm hungry!"

RyeoSung said that EunHae will come to Sukira after their digital single is released~~~

13 Dec 2011

RyeoSung talked about "Secret centre" which is something like the angel & mortal game we played in school~ And they’re gonna play it with the Sukira staff. They’ve to buy Christmas present for the person they picked. It’s a secret, they can’t say who they picked. Both of them screamed and cannot stop laughing after picking the name!! After Wook picked his and screamed, Sungmin said “Ah!! I’m so curious!! Who is it?” They will only reveal it on 23 Dec 2011. Sungmin said "To the staff outside, it's a secret. I'm sorry!"

Listener dedicated a song which she and her husband listened to when they’re campus couple. And they even have a kid. RyeoSung are very jealous~ Sungmin got very excited when talking about the kid and Wook said “Sungmin sshi…” Then Sungmin got shy. LOL. Then Wook said even when you’re tired but when your wife wants to eat something.. Then Sungmin said “You must buy for her!” Wook: “It’s convenient to buy now, it’s better to cook it..”

Wook said that he listens to all the radio shows on Cool FM from 2pm onwards everyday.

Listener asked if Wook treated Sungmin to food after Sukira last night but they said they forgot all about it. And Wook said he will buy it today.

Listener asked Wook to give the giraffe a name and they said because of Sukira, they will call it “Sura”. Then Wook said “Ah, so it’s a female?”

Listeners sent in a lot of name suggestions.. Both of them are confused now. Sungmin suggested "Suji" but wook said it sounds like MissA's Suzy so they can't use that.

Sungmin sang a small part of the English song he recommended then Wook said "Sungmin sshi, why don't you sing live the next time?" Sungmin said he still can't do it cos his ability is not there yet & the pronunciation is difficult. Wook: "LET'S DO IT TMR!!" but Sungmin said he needs time to prepare..

Sungmin called Eunhyuk “Hyukjae..” then he said “ah, he’s Eunhyuk now..” He said that before debut, he will play games with Hyuk and Junsu to see who will pay for food when they’re practicing. He said it’s also because they practice from morning till 10pm, so they got bored at times. Wook asked who lost the most and Sungmin said it’s him. Then Wook said “ah, also because you’re the oldest, so you should buy food for them.”

In the end, they decided to call the giraffe “Kiki”.

14 Dec 2011

Sungmin said that a friend texted him today and said “Sungmin ah, are you living well? It’s cold so don’t catch a cold!” then Wook asked: “Who is that friend? Someone I know..?” Sungmin didn’t answer and Wook said “Ahhhh!!! A girl?!!!”

Sungmin asked Wook if there’s any friend he would like to meet. Wook said that he wants to meet all his friends. He said that he hopes to meet his friends more in cold winter. Then Sungmin said that because of schedules, he can’t meet his friends, so he hopes to meet them some time.

Sungmin said that when fans give gifts to them, they will also write letters and he read all of them. Wook said he also read all of them. Sungmin said he will read all no matter what. Then Wook asked “you also cried when you read them right?” Sungmin: “What?! Why should I cry..”

Listener texted in to say that Sungmin looks like a prince in those clothes. Then he asked “is my fashion okay today?” He wore that to a schedule today and came to Sukira.

Listener asked what were RyeoSung DJ doing when this song came out (listener meant when the song was released). But Wook thought listener is asking what RyeoSung talked about when they’re playing the song just now.

There were 3 listeners who suggested the name “Kiki” to RyeoSung yesterday and they’re supposed to get gifts for that. But one of them is a foreign fan, so she texted in to say that she can’t receive the gift cos she’s overseas. Instead, she hope that RyeoSung can sing “Like now” for her. Wook said that he will definitely sing it the next time!

Listener texted in to say that Sungmin can do female voices very well. Wook asked Sungmin to teach him..

Wook said that today is hug day, so he will give hug to the fans outside. Then he stood up and do the hugging action. Sungmin said they should go out and give hugs later. Then Wook said: “Are we really going to do it..?” Then Wook asked fans outside to hug each other.

Just now, a girl texted in to say that she came to watch Sukira and it’s cold outside. Then they invited the girl into the studio. Wook asked who the girl likes the most in Super Junior and then she said both RyeoSung. But they insisted that she must choose one and she chose Sungmin. So Sungmin gave her a hug cos it’s hug day. Sungmin asked “Is my hug warm?”

15 Dec 2011

Listener texted in "Jungmo sshi byebye~" because the new guest (in replacement of Jungmo) is doing well. LOL

Today’s naneun oneur is funny! One guy went into his brother’s room and took a shirt to wear. Then his brother’s gf came and he realized it’s couple tee. He said he will never wear his brother’s shirt again.

Listener asked Sungmin to do an imitation of boss, female student, aunt etc voices one after another. But Wook asked him to do one that he’s best at.

Listener said that she has no boyfriend to spend the Christmas with. She said “The day when I’ll have a bf to spend Christmas with will come right?” Then Sungmin said “The day when I’ll have a gf to spend Christmas with will come right?”

Sungmin said that he doesn’t know the song well so he’s not sure if he can do the song well. Wook and Hae sang it together before. So Wook said “You’ll do well because you’re also member of Super Junior, like Donghae.”

Wook said that they took group photo when he's in toilet. So he's very sad when he saw the photo. But Sungmin said that he didn't know Wook wasn't in the toilet

RyeoSung said that they always pretend to be saying something but when Hae come over, they will say "It's okay even if you don't know." Then Hae will get angry and go to the toilet to cry.

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