Sunday, September 23, 2012

[News] Super Junior VS Shinhwa, the showdown of 'the strongest hallyu group'

22 Sep 2012

Super Junior and Shinhwa's 'Hallyu group' showdown is unrolled.

Recently, Super Junior appeared in JTBC 'Shinhwa Broadcast'. The meeting of idol variety ranking 1 and 2 - Shinhwa and Super Junior. That itself has already gathered much anticipation. The recording this time with Shinhwa and Super Junior, who have conquered the world as Hallyu representatives, followed the concept of 'Hallyu showdown'.

These two teams' meetup is more meaningful with Super Junior's variety abilities and adhesive teamwork which allowed them to be called 'the second Shinhwa' in many aspects.

During the recording, the two teams did not recede an inch and showed their best variety abilities. At the same time, they took care of each other and showed their friendship. They received praises like "It's indeed Shinhwa" and "It's indeed Super Junior" and displayed the warm combination between junior and senior.

After the recording, Super Junior told the production crew that "we want to take part in this show again" and wants to create "Suju broadcast" etc. They expressed that they are envy of Shinhwa who are able to lead 'Shinhwa broadcast'.

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