Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[News] 'Super Junior' Eeteuk, enlisting on 30 Oct

Super Junior's leader Eeteuk's enlistment date has been confirmed.

Eeteuk will be enlisting on 30 Oct as an active service soldier. In the remaining month, Eeteuk is putting in effort to round up the recordings and activities he is participating in.

Eeteuk is the fixed MC of SBS variety programmer Starking and Strong Heart etc. Starking's last episode was recorded on the 17th. To adjust according to Eeteuk's enlistment date, the last recording for Strong Heart will be either on the 27th or 11th of the following month.

In MBC's Radio Star, broadcasted on the 12th, the MCs asked "when are you going to the military?", Eeteuk responded with "it's not fixed yet but I'll be going soon". Eunhyuk, who appeared in the show together, joked that "it's possible that he's gone to the army by the time this is broadcasted".

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