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[Trans+DL Link] Aug2012 @star1 magazine interview


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Q: Super Junior's activities after a year.
Sungmin: As we've been doing performances, I don't think that it's a long time. I see it as an extension. We've been constantly doing performances overseas, but it's been a long time since we did activities in Korea. We are looking forward to it and seems like the fans are also looking forward to it.
Yesung: As we have been constantly doing performances overseas and we originally had good team work, it isn't too difficult. Although Kangin is joining us, after his blank period while serving his military, there's no problem in working together as we have already had our team work from working together for a long time before that.
Kyuhyun: It seems like the music quality for this album has risen. The composition is good and more effort is put into the album.
Eeteuk: Whenever the album is out, I think of it as the last one because by doing so, I'll work harder and put in my best. With that, we've come to the 6th album unknowingly. '6' is a very significant number to our team. Because there's a saying that it's hard for idol groups to have more than 5 albums, but we did it. And it seems like we'll be able to create more records, I'm already looking forward to it.

Q: The concept for 6th album is 'beautiful males'. Looking at the teaser photos, it's a really different look from the members' usual look of playfulness.
Sungmin: Honestly, I didn't like mine at first because it came out like a female. I didn't want to emphasis so much on the femininity. There are other photos that I like. Although the teaser photos were feminine, you will be able to see beautiful males photos inside the album.

Q: How was the process for 6th album preparation. Super Junior is well-known for group dance, I'm looking forward to the performance.
Sungmin: We stayed up for 3 nights as we filmed the Korean version and Japanese version MV together. We had to repeat the dance twice so we're really tired but a sick overseas fan, from New York, came to visit us at our filming site. It's the first time we're revealing our filming site. That fan was happy to see us but we're even happier to see her. We're thankful to be able to give someone consolation and happiness. Thanks to that, we're forgot about our tiredness and were able to film more enjoyably.
Kyuhyun: The dance choreography is done by the choreographer who choreographed 'Bonamana' the previous time. We had a hard time adjusting to the dance during 4th album, we also had a lot of trouble this time. But because of that, the quality has risen. The viewers will be able to receive the fresh and dynamic feel. 

Q: Yesung's face seems narrower. You lost weight.
Yesung: I have to put in effort in maintaining as my face swells easily. When I'm changing style, I maintain as strongly as the feedback I hear. So, my weight has gone down now as compared to 'Bonanama' period. I'm really slim amongst the members.

Q: Super Junior is a group that has already reached the best position. Is there any target you would like to meet with the 6th album?
Kyuhyun: We have already received the Golden Disc award for a few times and set the record of winning the 1st position for more than 100 weeks in Taiwan. I do not have lingering desire for awards now. I'm already thankful that we're able to have the 6th album. Honestly, as compared to overseas, it seems like there are parts where Super Junior is rated lowly in Korea. It'd be good if we can be viewed fairly now.
Eeteuk: During rookie days, I have dreams of receiving1st place, receiving rookie award, receiving bonsang. But I have no lingering desire for awards now. As compared to that, I now want to be a long-running group and a group with good team work. In the singing industry history, are we the first group to be made up by so many members? From now on, I've desires for stuff that are more valuable than awards.

Q: Super Junior members all have units, acting, musical etc. Everyone is working hard in their individual activities.
Sungmin: I don't have special longing for solo activities. When we're all doing activities together, it's reassuring because the members are here. So, personally, I enjoy doing activities together more. Although there are many things to take note of during solo activities, it also has its attractiveness - I'll be able to do it, I'll be able to solve any problem, I'm able to do new challenges.
Donghae: I filmed a drama in Taiwan some time ago. It's a new experience. I'm filming "Miss Panda and Porcupine" in Korea now. I've finished about 1/3 of it currently. As I'm acting as a pastissier in the drama, I learn breadmaking once a week, for about a month. If you're not particular about it, I am able to make an edible cake easily. Although I need to prepare 2 days before, require 3-hours and there are some flaws, but I'm glad that I've experienced something new thanks to the drama.
Yesung: I don't have many chances for solo activities as compared to the other members. Personally, I've met producers and related staff. In some meetings, I've been given the leading role, but I gave up because of concert schedules. No matter what, Super Junior's activities have priority. However, if there are chances, I would like to try challenging something new like the other members.
Kyuhyun: There are many members who are acting, doing musical, showing individual abilities in various solo activities. As compared to seeking for what I want to do, I am the kind who wait. Because I believe that opportunity will approach me if I wait. Indeed, I wanted to do musical and was given a chance to do it, I did entertainment because an offer came in. I think that opportunity will come as long as I'm prepared. I have to be prepared in order to grab that opportunity.

Q: Is Eeteuk going to admit into military after 6th album.
Eeteuk: As I'm working now, going to the military is a burdensome thing to me. But, thinking about the love that I've received in these 7 years and the flourishing activities we've done, I think it's time I should go to the military. Thinking if I will be able to get as much love as what we're getting now, it is true that my mind is really confused. But after sorting out my thoughts, I think that I should go in quickly and come back with a new look. My mind is comfortable now.

Q: Wherever you all go, there will be many photos taken, so it seems like you've to take note of your fashion. What's the fashion style you usually pursue? 
Sungmin: In terms of fashion, I'm fashion terrorist, terror terminator. So I do shopping and am working hard to change my style. I seek advice from Donghae, Eunhyuk and Yesung who dress well and also from stylist. At the very least, I should stop hearing the name fashion terrorist. Some time ago, I was told to dress comfortably to go to the airport. After getting dressed, I came out and got scolded by Donghae. Recently, I pay attention to my airport fashion too. I often ask my members to check my dressing as well. (laugh)
Donghae: I like ordinary and natural style. I often wear jeans, sneakers and checkered shirt. The clothes I wore for the shoot this time is my usual style.
Yesung: I only like my own style. I am not particularly choosy about style. I like the free style which is not too formal. I like the style which is natural when people look at it, neat, with a special design feel to it.
Kyuhyun: I am the kind who don't care about clothes. Furthermore, fans gave me many clothes as present so I am not the kind who buys clothes often. I shop about twice a year but recently I almost didn't shop at all. But there are clothing shops that I go frequently.
Eeteuk: In the past, I'm very concerned about fashion. But after debut, I don't like to spend money so I almost didn't do any shopping. I wear the clothes given by fans or stylist so I don't know what I should buy even if I go shopping. I thought that this can't go on, so recently, I'll ask the members what's popular, read magazines and do research. Some time ago, I wore the shirt my fans gave me and went to the practice room, the people around me all said that it's a good brand. I wore it like a pyjamas, washed it and wore it again... I regret wearing it like a pyjamas for that period of time. (laughs)

Q: As you're filming the movie <I AM.>, it's a new feeling to see your looks from pre-debut.
Sungmin: Honestly, it's embarrassing. I also thought of why they wanted to reveal our looks from the past. Personally, it was a hard time then because my confidence level was down and I was also in a slump. That image filled the scene. The part where the trainer noona said 'let's start again' 'Try checking your status now' was also filmed, that filled the scene. Honestly, although it's ridiculous, looking at it now, that was indeed an experience and a memory. Because of the slump and hard times then, I'm able to be the me now.
Donghae: It was a period of time which I couldn't remember. But the feelings from then was back whenit was I watched the video. I thought 'it was really a difficult period'. If you look at the video, I don't know why I sang the song that way at that time. But, I am now here because of the experience and mistake I had that time. And I was holding on to my dreams at that time. Although I had many mistakes, I was happy. No matter what, I'm happy now too.
Yesung: I changed a lot in terms of looks. I gained weight and lost weight. Seems like I was always alone and trained alone at that time. But I really trained hard. So it seems like I always receive praises from the trainers. During weekdays, I will travel to and fro Seoul which takes 5 hours everyday after school. Looking at it, at one point in time, I'm no longer the normal Kim Jong Woon, I became Super Junior's Yesung. If you watch the movie, you'll be able to see the Kim Jong Woon before he became Super Junior's Yesung.
Kyuhyun: There are many changes in various aspects. As compared to then, I become more comfortable when meeting people, I joke more and I'm different in both outer and inner aspects. But it seems like the thing that didn't change from debut till now is my heart. I sing for my dream and doing the best for things. That is the same as before.

Q: The boys are always gathering, do you all exercise together?
Sungmin: As compared to ball games, I like Taekwondo or swimming, which uses the body. I like aerobatic kind of sports. As I don't pay much attention to ball games, I didn't watch soccer even when others were crazy about it. Among the members, Eunhyuk and Siwon are good at sports. Although there are a few members who are not good at sports, Ryeowook is the kind that will even avoid the ball when you throw one at him. (laughs)
Kyuhyun: I like soccer. I was in the soccer team up to high school. I don't exercise after debut. Although I did weights very often when I first debuted, but I was injured after the car accident so I can't do weights anymore. Seems like I naturally stopped doing weights.
Eeteuk: I like exercising and watching it. Recently, Starking is doing a 'body jjang project' so I'm creating my body now. When there is time, I play basketball with the members too. I like perspiring and running too. I also like building muscles through weight liftings. I'm working hard to change my frail image to a strong one. Females like contrasting body shapes. I'm trying to create a tanned body with fairer face.

Q: There's SM Town concert in Korea in august.
Donghae: Personally, I don't have time to prepare, so it seems like I'll be doing Oppa Oppa with Eunhyuk.  In order for the whole world to be able to sing along, we removed the original chorus and kept the word 'oppa'. At first, we only thought of performing this song during concert, but it was recorded into an album and became bigger. We had the thoughts of performing it on music shows after the album was out for two weeks. The response was better than expected so we're also able to make a Japanese album. There're even people saying that we should have a Donghae Eunhyuk unit.
Kyuhyun: I am close to Changmin. We always meet in private so we did a performance together. Shinee's Minho also wants to perform with us but he's filming a drama now so we're still unsure if he'll join us.

Q: Kyuhyun is named 'evil tongue idol' in Radio Star (renamed as RS below). Were those mean words prepared?
Kyuhyun: There were times when I prepared. But it'd definitely not work if I keep thinking how I should say them out. If I go there with an empty heart and act accordingly to the situation from time to time, adlib will appear. As compared to those prepared, these impromptu acts are more well-received and more interesting.

Q: Did Kyuhyun receive guidance from his evil tongue master, Kim Gura?
Kyuhyun: Kim Gura hyung is the style who would advice me on what to do sentimentally. He will do it comfortable but strongly. At the beginning, I was unable to accustom, so I didn't even ask questions, but he gave me advice. After being the MC for a few weeks, he texted me to say "you're doing well recently". It's touching.

Q: After Kim Gura's exit from RS, it seems that the mental attitude of the MCs have also changed.
Kyuhyun: After Kim Gura hyung left, the 4 of us thought that if we didn't do well, there might be a possibility of RS closing down. So we adjusted our mental attitude. Gura hyung was in charge of a large part of the program. So, in order to fill that space, Kim Guk Jin hyungm Yoon Jong Shin hyung and even Yoon Se Yoon hyung who didn't appear often have to lead the program positively. In this way, everyone's role became clearer and it seems like we're all able to gain results.

Q: All of you are getting more handsome. How do you maintain your looks.
Kyuhyun: I always hear that my skin is good till I'm in my 20s. But not long ago, my skin became bad as I kept putting on makeup, so I went to the skincare centre. So I became the kind who would put in effort recently. I didn't take care of my skin specially. I just apply skin lotion which I didn't use to put and work hard to wash it well. I also apply the eye cream which was recommended by our makeup noona.
Eeteuk: It's true that my skin became worse because I put on makeup for a long time, but my skin is considered good as compared to my other friends. I don't have trouble when I'm not especially sleepy or tired. Instead, I'm working hard to improve my cleaning. As I've no time to receive treatment, I've to do the basic that I can well. Apply skin lotion and clean well.
Donghae: I'm not the kind who puts in extra effort. I try to do simple makeup when it's not special occasion.
Sungmin: I dyed my hair blond specially for this album's activities. My hair seems to be damaged after bleaching for a few times and dying for many times. So I take extra care of my hair.

Q: Lastly, what're your future plans?
Eeteuk: We're doing the best for 6th album's activities like always. And we're working hard to become the national idols who can receive love from people in their 10s to 60s. As for the further future, I personally hope that Super Junior can be together forever. So I often tell the members that after our contract, do business if you want to, open a shop if you want to. But when we do our world tour, all of us must gather no matter what and do it as Super Junior. In order to do that, even if it is insufficient and not totally satisfying for myself, I said that we've to recontract together as long as there's one thing we can do together. Only by doing that, the team called Super Junior can continue and be together. That's my wish and hope.

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