Thursday, July 19, 2012

Transcript for Star Life Theatre EP03

Wook: I haven't slept for 3 days, only slept for about 1 hour in between. We went back to dorm to wash up once and I closed my eyes for 10 minutes but manager suddenly woke me up to say that we've to go out.

Siwon: I'm a little tired. My body is heavy.

Teuk: When we're dancing together, we encourage and shout together at the back. Seems like we can have the energy after shouting "let's go! let's go!" together.

MC: Are you happy to see the camera?
Teuk: I'm sleepy. After going home yesterday, I washed up and watched the first half of the soccer finals and then slept.

Teuk: Entertainment is like a stamina fight, so I have to eat well. Because the guests and viewers are constantly watching, we need to make things out immediately when it's not in the script.

Nayoung: He always share his food with us. He is able to become a hallyu star cos of his kind heart. Super Junior forever!

Teuk: This is a dangerous situation. A big accident can happen if we're a little careless. So we have to rehearse now.

Teuk said that his shoes size is about 270mm-275mm.

Boom said that Teuk is his friend, colleague and teacher cos Teuk is always careful with what he does.

Teuk: Suju started off as a project team. I still recall how we used to be very careful for every program that we appeared on. Star Golden Bell is my first fixed program. I always worry about "what item should I do to be funny?" "Will people laugh if I do this?'" I talk back to seniors without shame so there were also some seniors who would say "ya, stop here". Although I want to famous personally, but I feel the responsibility to let my team become popular first.

When Shindong mixed the flour quickly, Wook: "there will be air bubbles like that!" Shindong: "You have to do it fast first then mix it slowly." Wook: "Ohhh..."

Hyuk: Shouldn't we make bread too? (I think they meant the sponge part of the cake)
Shindong: We have to buy the bread. How do we make bread?
Wook: Buy the cream too!
Shindong: If that's the case, we can just buy the whole cake.
Sungmin: We should just buy the cake.

Wook: After watching the broadcast, Eeteuk sshi will be touched by how much effort the dongsaengs put in to make him a cake. I hope it'll be delicious.

Hyuk: I've already know Teukie hyung for a long time. It's been over 10 years. He's been taking good care of me since training days. He takes care of me like a mother, even buying me food.

Kyu: I don't know what will happen if I become a leader but it seems like I'll go crazy. A leader has to take in all the different comments from different members. A leader has to be fair by not leaving anyone out, help his members when they are outside, give other members chances and place himself low. Eeteuk hyung is one of the biggest reason why our team can do so well. So he's a hyung that I really respect.

Hyuk calls Teuk.
Hyuk: Hyung, are you in your room?
Teuk: Yes.
Hyuk: Can you come to the 11th floor now?
Teuk: I'll come down.
Wook: His voice is in a broadcast tone.
Other members: He already knew... (About the surprise)

Teuk: You all made the cake?
Shindong: Yes! It's daebak right?
Wook: Make a wish first!!

Hyuk: We had a lot of anti fans initially. We heard a lot of things like "what's this group of beggers doing?" So we developed competitive streak and want to show these people that we can do it.

Shindong: Videos (Sorry Sorry MV) were uploaded everywhere out of a sudden! Not only all the Koreans, but the whole world knew about Sorry Sorry. I thought "what is this..?"

Sungmin: It's hard to believe. When we're in middle and high school, we thought "how happy are they?" when we saw other singers winning first place in shows. How good is it to get first place after working so hard. But when it's us standing in that position, I have no other feelings other than being amazed. I thought "is this a dream?"

Hae: I've started acting for less than 3 or 4 years. I still have to learn many other things. There won't be new things if I don't learn myself. Acting is like an assignment that will never end.

Hae: I'm doing the drama as the lead actor so it's stressful. Firstly, I also want to be an useful member in Suju. It'd be good if I can help the other members through this drama.

Kyu: Do well in that area (MC) and then also gather as Super Junior and then do performances. Even though it might be a difficult goal but I want to stay as "Korean nation's idol group".

Shindong: The best dream will be receiving entertainment daesang, singing daesang and acting daesang, any Suju member. Suju can receive the singing daesang, Siwon can receive the acting daesang and Teuk hyung can receive the entertainment daesang.

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