Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Transcript for Star Life Theatre EP02

Hyuk: Once the mastering for Sexy Free and Single came out, I took the song from the company and listened to it in my car when I was driving. I listen to songs a lot in my car.

Hyuk: We have a lying down action in our dance choreograph in our dance. I don't know what we should do on this outdoor stage cos it's raining. We are not prepared for this. So I'm worried cos we've to lie on the wet stage.
Wook & Hyuk: No matter whether it's raining or snowing, we will do it.

Hae: Eunhyuk is my friend who runs errands well.
Then he calls for Hyuk.
Hae: Members are thirsty, so go and get drinks for us.
Hyuk: Speak alone well. Can't you speak alone? That's why you called for me right.

Teuk: This is the first stage we're doing with Kangin. 1, 2, 3!
Everyone: Kill all!

Kangin: I'm nervous. The atmosphere is lifted cos there are many audiences. I'm worried cos the stage is slippery. Because of the fans, I'm more nervous than worried now.

Kangin: I'm meeting the fans officially for the first time.

Shindong went down to change his shoes before performing SFS cos his shoes are very slippery. So his manager have him his shoes.

Siwon: It's really good cos we can finally feel the live atmosphere after a long time.

Teuk: As compared to being satisfied about the performance, I'm happy that we can perform with such loud screams.

After getting down the car, Teuk: there's a problem! The fruits are toppled. Eunhyuk said that he just shifted house and he's doing a housewarming, so the members came together after ending our schedules.

Kangin: The house is really pretty.
Hyuk mum: You've worked hard.
Kangin: Not at all. I'm sorry.
MC: Why did you cry?
Hyuk mum: Seems like Kangin had a hard time.. I'm really happy that he transformed into someone outstanding and new.

Hyuk: We have only shifted to this new house for less than a month, so I'm not used to it yet.

Hyuk said that the king size poster is specially ordered and manufactures.

Teuk: The poster is really cool. It wouldn't be cool of it's an individual photo of Eunhyuk. Seems like it's cooler cos it's a photo of all the members.

Kyu to his mum: Mum, look at the camera. The camera is filming you.

MC: Who is the most handsome member?
Hyuk mum: All of them. Why did you ask me to choose! I think that our son (Hyuk) is the most handsome.
Sungmin mum: Sungmin is 2nd right? She said that Sungmin is 2nd.

The mums said that Teuk mum is also the leader out of the mums. Teuk mum: The members have been together for 7 years and the mums have also known each other for 7 years. We'll also contact each other when there are good news.

Sungmin's dad said that the parents are closer than relatives cos they often meet up. He also said that the members are able to stay together for 7 years cos they're all fundamentally kind.

Hyuk: This is the first time the members come to my house. We've never all gathered with all the parents in a member's house. I'm really happy cos even all the parents came.
Shindong: Eunhyuk is going to cry.
Hyuk: nonono!

Wook: We really don't have such opportunities when we first debuted but now we do. Now we really think for each other like family and are happy for each other. Congratulations to Hyuk for getting a house. And the house is decorated prettily. I also want to have a house warming.
MC: Ryeowook sshi, you should also do a house warming.
Wook: I should also do one.
Sungmin: You'll need to shift house first.
Wook: I should start by shifting house first. I want to shift to a bigger house.

Hyuk: I lived in a house with no toilet when I was young. So I used the toilet at the train station that is 200-300m away. Even when life was difficult, I wasn't unsatisfied. But I hate to see my parents suffering. I don't like to see my working, I want her to live comfortably at home. Until now, there isn't a house which we can call it ours. So I'm really glad that I bought a house for the first time.

Hyuk said that his favourite part of his room is the wall with painting that has lights shining on it. It's a painting of Eiffel Tower.
Hyuk: It suits me right. This is the place I went for my first break. So there's a lot of memories.

Teuk: This is what Eunhyuk wanted go do. Buy a house for his parents and eat with everyone. I'm happy cos it seems like his happiness spreaded to me.

Hyuk said that the room with the piano is his favourite space where he placed all their albums since debut.
Hyuk: "I want to show all these to my kids when I'm old and show off to them."
MC: What would you tell your kids?
Hyuk: Your dad did well in the past and did activities with the handsome members. I want to tell them that.

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