Sunday, December 2, 2012

1Dec2012 M Shanghai Fanmeet [Photos sharing session]

Minwoo shared some of the photos from his phone.

1) This was taken when they were filming for a CF. M said that he wanted to take a selca initially but Hyesung was behind, so he included Hyesung. The MC asked what's Hyesung doing in the background, M just said "he's crazy".

2) This was taken during the ballet episode of Shinhwa Broadcast. They were amused by their own extensive makeup so they decided to take photos.

3) This was taken during God of Victory's recording. The concept of this photo is act cute but there's a surprise behind (which is blocked by the piece of paper).

The surprise is - SHIN HYE SUNG! Minwoo said that they're acting cute infront but he doesn't know what Hyesung is trying to do in the background. Once again, he said that Hyesung is crazy. He also said "I don't know what that fox is doing behind."

4) This was taken after playing football. He said that he loves exercising and he also likes girls who exercise.

Then the MC asked if everyone likes to exercise and all the fans replied yes. So he pointed to one person and did this...

5) This was taken after Shinhwa Broadcast recording. He was bored after bathing.

6) This was taken when he's stretching after exercising at the gym.

7) This was taken when he visited Haeundae Beach in Busan with his mum. This is the first time he travelled alone with his mum since birth.

After this, these 7 photos were given to 7 lucky fans. So Minwoo played scissors paper stone with everyone. All of us stood up and those who lose will have to sit down. It's played till 7 fans were left. Minwoo also signed on the photos. 

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