Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cats or dogs?

This afternoon, I sat at the ground floor of my school's classroom block while waiting for my friend and for class to start.

Suddenly, a stray cat came over and started snuggling into my bag. I should have captured a picture of it on top of my bag with one foot already inside my bag. It's so cute! Then, this silly little thing climbed on top of my bag and it kind of fell when the bag toppled. Hahahaha. I put my bag away and it came to snuggle into my jacket. Then I realised that the weather was too cold for this poor little cat so it's seeking for some warmth. I guess it dislikes the cold weather like I do. After a while, the cat just decided that my laps are warm enough for it and it settled down on my laps like a boss. And then..... it fell asleep! So many strangers walked by and they threw me weird stares. 

It's sleeping so soundly that it refused to wake up no matter how I shook it when I had to leave for class.

For a moment, I really wanted to bring this ball of fur home but my housemate hates all other living things besides human. And honestly, I don't think I can take care of it well. So I guess I just have to go over to school to play with it when I'm free.

Actually, I used to be a dog person more than a cat person. I think Heenim kind of changed me because I kept seeing him with his cats and I fell in love with cats. While doing my internship, all my colleagues there love cats! So we always play with the cats downstairs and that probably changed me a little too. 

One of my ex-colleague said that cats are cuter than dogs because dogs love any and everyone whereas cats are more aloof and only love its owner. It's pretty true but there's no such thing as "cats are cuter than dogs" or vice versa because they're equally cute! (:

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  1. Unnie, where are you? Why is the weather cold?