Sunday, September 23, 2012

20Sep2012 Asian Wave

At first, we're told that Asian Wave final round's ticket can't be obtained cos they gave 90% of the tickets to sponsors etc and only 10% belonged to the broadcasting TV station. But in the end, my friend managed to get us tickets and we went to watch Minwoo!! Minwoo is the judge of the competition so we stared at him for 4 hours cos he sat there throughout. I faced the judging panel instead of the stage throughout. Keke. And he even had a performance!

It's such a last minute thing that we went without even knowing that the live is 4 hours and there are other performing guests like Jam Hsiao and Guang Liang!

Minwoo is so nice and full of fan service! He waved to fans and did all kinds of funny actions during commercial breaks and even stood up to stretch. He also interacted with other judges like Alan Tam. He taught Alan Tam how to dance. Super cute!!

I only brought my compact camera so the quality of photos is totally... -.-'''

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