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This morning, I was watching the fancams from their 10th anniversary party and cried like a crazy. I don't know why I can't embed the video, but the link is here. This is a must watch video for those who ever went crazy over Energy in those days. It brought back so much memories, from how I got to know them, going crazy after them, following Toro after he left all the way till he faded out of the entertainment industry.

In 2002, I went to Daniel Chan's mini concert in Singapore and Energy was his special guest. As they just debuted, I've no idea of who they were. But Toro, the guy with the ultra complicated hair, caught my attention immediately. (BTW, they said that he didn't wash his hair for months at that time and they even found worms in his hair!)

I later found out that he's one of the finalist in Johnny & Associates Taiwan auditions and almost got talent-scouted to Japan. But he stayed on in Taiwan and later came out as one of Energy's members. At that time, they're known as the 最殺的男子團體! And Toro was well-known for his 大風車.

During their first performance in Singapore, Toro accidentally fell off the stage while trying to make space for Milk to dance during the dance break. Because of this incident, Energy made it to headlines in Singapore's newspapers. I think I still have the newspaper cuttings of the report!

Energy really made it big at that time with their fresh concept. But during their 3rd album in 2003, there're some conflicts between the members and their manger, Yellow. In the end, Toro left the group, with his manager, in the midst of the 3rd album's promotion.

Toro went missing for a period of time and I wasn't so crazy over Energy anymore because my heart left with Toro. And after watching the video of their interview (above), I kind of feel that he's sorry for leaving the group, which kind of caused the start of the group's downfall. Which is why he cried so badly when Ahdi asked him how he felt when he left the group at that time.

Shortly after, Toro joined Jungiery Entertainment and released a book 《打開鮪魚罐頭》. I still have the book in its original plastic bag! 

He slowly came back on TV with the drama《雪天使》, which is a idol drama with the saddest ending I've ever seen. 

And then came to Singapore to film《任我遨遊》!

I still remember how everyone insulted him very badly for his bad acting and bad body. Yes, my favourite boy here doesn't have six packs. But who cares? And he even went back to Taiwan with a stack of Fiona Xie's bikini photos, which got busted by Wang Renfu on 完全娛樂.

At the end of 2004, this stupid boy got punished by his company for his scandals with label mate, 仔仔. So he stopped activities for a long period of time. He finally came back with a new group called Typhoon, which also went through some changes in members.

But they eventually released their first full album in 2005. I'm still listening to this album cos there are many songs written by Toro himself!

After the end of Typhoon, he then faded out to behind-the-scenes and I rarely hear about him anymore. But recently, he's back with 《我們發財了》 and he's going to release his own movie 《夢想是件很麻煩的事》!!

And in these 10 years, Energy also went through many changes after Toro left. Having left with 4 members, Milk (the leader) eventually left the group and went solo too, which IMO caused the real downfall of the whole group. With only 3 members left, they recruited Xiao Gang as a new member and continued releasing albums. But they also faded out of the industry a few years ago.

I'm really so glad that they're back together again and I really can't wait for them to have a comeback again. 

And of course singing their classic songs like 放手 and Come On. These are the songs that I will still sing in KTV now and can still remember every single word of the rap, which I memorised 10 years ago.

Even though they're all above 30 years old now, I still want to see them dance and sing on stage! I will fly to Taiwan immediately if they ever have a comeback concert!

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  1. i do agree.. i miss the moment in junior high school when i crushed to them. are they still gathered as a band? because wiki don't write so.