Saturday, August 25, 2012

25Aug2012 Sungmin's blog update

Title: Our beautiful ELF
Date: 25 August 2012

Came to Japan for the first time to do Japan ELF fanmeeting..
Our really pretty 24000 angels..

On the stage right infront of the sea.
I worked hard to have eye contact with everybody without leaving anyone out.

The seats are on flat ground so the people at the back or extreme ends cannot see well. But even so, you all maintained good order and manner till the end..
Thank you so much..Our fans! I'm proud and want to go over..

The people in the back are blocked by the crowd so your faces can't even be seen...
Seeing the Sungmin card that was being waved with much effort at that position,
I feel sorry.. and thankful..

I want to hug everyone..Thank you so much..
I will repay by showing a handsome look and a look that you all will be proud of..
Love you forever..We..

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