Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Transcript for 24July2012 Strong Heart

This is a transcript of what the boys said on 24 July 2012 Strong Heart. It's about a quarrel between Kyuhyun and Teuk. Teuk, Hyuk, Kyu and Shindong took turns to say what they saw from their point of views during the incident.

Cut of the talk.

Kyuhyun's point of view

Kyu: When we're doing our promotions for 5th album, Mr Simple, last year, we were at Inkigayo. After recording, we have about 3-4 hours of free time. Members can do what they want to do during the time - go back to dorm, play, sleep, etc. I went to the church. I heard something good during the sermon: If I change first, the other people will change; if I smile first, the other person will smile too; if I say mean things to you, Lee Dong Wook sshi (MC) will say mean things to me. After that, I went back to the waiting room. Members were playing in the waiting room. Teuk was sleeping with a blanket covering his face, Hyuk and Hae were holding on to a bottle and deciding if they want to pour water on Teuk. When I saw that, I said "hyung, let me do it". I poured water on Teuk and hid. Then I heard Teuk shouting "Who is it!" Then Hae said "not me". Then I heard him hitting someone and that someone replied "it's not me". I came out and said it's me. Then he hit me on the head and then hit me for the 2nd time while saying "you're really a bad person!" There're about 20-30 people, including staff, managers and Victoria. I followed Teuk to the toilet. I really felt like crying at that time, especially after I've received some wise words (from church). It should a heart-warming situation. I went to Teuk and said "hyung, you should not do that to me". I went out while trying to hold back my tears. Teuk came out and said "Kyuhyun ah, sorry". I replied: "hyung, I don't feel like talking now". I went upstairs and cooled down for 30mins to an hour. When I walked back to the waiting room, I saw Teuk sitting alone at the stairs. I just went past and went into the waiting room. I stayed into the waiting room and didn't talk to anyone. After a while, Teuk came in and said: "Kyuhyun ah, if we get 1st later, you should say the thank you speech". But I replied: "no, I don't want to do it". After saying that, I thought to myself: "what should I say for thank you speech.." We won 1st and I prepared a touching thank you speech. I don't know what Teuk hyung felt at that time, but I thought that I should give a beautiful speech since he already apologised. Teuk pushed me to the front but gave the mic to Hyuk. Hyuk also had an unpleasant expression on his face, but I don't know why. When I wanted to take the mic over, the MCs did the ending for the show.

Eunhyuk's point of view

Hyuk: If you look at what happened before that.. F(x)'s Luna and Victoria had a special stage with a few of our members. During the pre-recording, Luna injured his ankle and had to go to the hospital. In order to lighten the atmosphere, Teuk told the members to joke with him and he will accept all our teasings. So we played with him. After that, he's sleepy so he went to sleep. But Donghae really has no sense of the atmosphere. He poured water on Teuk and Teuk woke up and said "don't do that" smiling. But I can see that his expression wasn't that good. So I didn't do anything and even whispered to Hae to ask him not to do it. But Hae is really unaware of the atmosphere and did it for the 2nd time. Teuk asked him not to do it again. Just as Hae was going to pour the water for the 3rd time, Kyuhyun walked in. Kyuhyun thought that it's really fun so he poured the water and hid. Now, Teuk is really angry. He woke up, hit my head and said "it's you right!" I felt really wronged cos it seems like I'm easy to bully. After that, Teuk was busy trying to make things up with Kyu that he forgot about me. I felt really sad alone cos I felt wronged.

Teuk's point of view

Teuk: If you look at what happened before that.. They played really hard before that. They took off my clothes though Victoria was there.

Hyuk: That's also started by Donghae who had no sense of the atmosphere!

Teuk: I kept accepting their jokes. My pants were almost down already. But we've already ended the jokes and I told them I want to sleep. I lied down and covered my face with a blanket. Suddenly, someone poured water on me. I thought it's saliva at first. For 2-3 minutes, I kept thinking if I should be angry cos it might seemed like I'm a narrow-minded person if I got angry. When the water was poured on me for the 2nd time, I immediately thought that it's Hyuk. When I sat up, Hae was sitting far away and Hyuk was just sitting beside me. After removing the blanket, I threw the blanket at Hae first and asked if it's him. But Hae said it wasn't him. Then I looked at Hyuk. He's sitting beside me, covering his mouth with his hands, like he's laughing. So, I hit him. He shouted at me "it wasn't me!!" At this time, Kyu came out and cheerfully said "hyung, it's me". At that time, I hit Kyu and scolded him. I thought Kyu has been in the waiting room all along and knew the situation cos there are too many members. I went to the toilet and cried. I was thinking about why I did that. Kyu came and asked why I did that and my heart hurt even more. Because of my dignity, I asked him to just go. Kyu left crying. Then, I kept thinking about how I solve this. I saw Kyu looking at the sky, crying. I called out to him from 5m away and he replied "hyung, I've nothing to say to you." It's time for live broadcast, so I told him: "Kyuhyun ah, even if you're not going to see hyung in the future, we need to do this broadcast. I hope that you can do the thank you speech if we received 1st." While preparing for live broadcast, there's someone looking sad behind me all the time. It's Eunhyuk. I only realised 15 minutes before going on stage and it's not something that can be solved in 10 minutes. So I thought, I should first let Hyuk and Kyu do the thank you speech. I went to Hyuk to ask him to do it but he replied "Why should I do it?"

Hyuk: I was left alone for 2 hours.

Teuk: We got 1st. During times like this, we would usually play around but it's an awkward situation that day. I took the mic and pulled Hyuk and Kyu to the front. I gave the mic to Hyuk and he did a simple speech. The encore song started and members just clapped half-heartedly. I had to lighten the atmosphere alone.

Shindong's point of view

Shindong: The reason why I stayed quiet till now is because I was the one who cried the most that day. I was sleeping in the waiting room. I was woken up by the sound of Kyuhyun being hit for the 2nd time. The atmosphere was awkward. The funnier thing was, our manager was filming the whole situation. I looked at the video and went to each member and comforted them. I kept doing that. Even before going on stage, I told them that we're pro and we've to do the broadcast. When we're announced as the winner, I grabbed Hae and someone else and told them to smile but they didn't. So I thought "why am I doing this!" and got angry. After everything, I went back to the waiting room and saw a box so I scolded "are you all pro by this doing!" really loudly. The wrong thing I did was, it's a Styrofoam box and all the white things started flying out when I kicked it. The funnier thing is, there's cola inside the box and it all sprayed on Yesung.

Teuk: Yesung, who did nothing, got angry.

Shindong: Yesung shouted at me and said he did nothing wrong. Everything made me really angry.


  1. lol. That day just went wrongly. From the church-spirit-kind-intention-Kyu to the Mong~Yesung-who-did-nothing. All went wrong. The look on Hyukjae's face during the win+encore was so obvious something went wrong. ChodingJunior~ fighting!

  2. lots of lessons learned frm misunderstandings.. just happy you boys surpassed it all.. Choding Junior, Super Junior, fighting!!!