Thursday, June 21, 2012

[Trans] Super Junior Dorm interview 1

- How do you live? How do you use the rooms?

Eeteuk: Ah, other than here, there's another dorm upstairs. We live upstairs and downstairs. Eunhyuk, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Sungmin live in the lower level and Eeteuk, Ryeowook, Donghae and Heechul who is serving his military as civil personnel live upstairs. Siwon and Shindong who stay in Apgujeong and Jamsil respectively don't live in dorm. The company doesn't force the members to live in dorm. It's our personal freedom to live at home or in the dorm.

- So your dorm is not in Gangnam.

Eunhyuk: Initially, we started our dorm life in an apartment near Cheongdamdong. The member who has been living in dorm for the longest time is Donghae, whose hometown is in Mokpo.

Donghae: I live in dorm for 12 years. I started my dorm life in Cheongdamdong's S apartment in 2001. It's 32 pyong (1 pyong = 1.4 square inches) but there were 23 people living together. Before debut, DBSK, Super Junior members and managers lived together. I stayed there till 2006. There're 23 people and our living habits are different. Summer is the toughest. There's only 1 aircon in the living room so we all slept there... Hahaha.

- So this is the second dorm.

Sungmin: No. We shifted dorm during 'U' time in 2006. A 50pyong villa in Kangnam. At that time, DBSK already succeeded so they went to a better dorm... About 20 members including our members and manager hyungs lived together. 

- When did you come to this place?

Yesung: We came in 2009 and lived here for 4 years. Many fans came to the villa that we used to live in so it's inconvenient to the neighbours. There're also some neighbours who splashed water at the fans. We moved here because we can't stay there anymore. The security is better. It's really good after staying for 4 years.

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