Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An hour more

to my knock-off time.

After getting into this internship, I realised that I'm definitely not suitable for office work.

Even though I get quite a lot of freedom at my workplace, I hate sitting in the office from 10am to 6pm everyday. The moment I get into office, I count down to lunch time. After lunch, I count down to knock-off time.

I get so tired everyday that I knock out once I get home and I don't even have the energy to go out after work. Which is also why I haven't been active on twitter and not doing Sukira trans cos I hardly even listen to Sukira now! T_T

Argh, I can't wait for the end of my internship, which is gonna happen in another 5.5 weeks!! 



  1. fighting!! hope u can trans for WGM this sat >.<

  2. Wah, jiayou!((: i count down to my break and when the school bell sounds for dismissal too. It's tiring to study in jc too... What are you interning as?