Monday, June 11, 2012

Be responsible for yourself

I have a friend who started liking Shinhwa when she was in secondary school. She met many Chanjo-s who were in University so she thought that it's really cool cos it felt like all the fangirls study hard and they get good results. Then she told herself that she has to work hard and get into an university too so that she can go Korea for exchange and meet Shinhwa. She eventually made it to university even though she didn't go to Korea for exchange.
I thought that this is really an inspiring story. I'm not trying to say that you have to go to university to prove that you're smart cos I believe that some are book-smart while some are street-smart. But I guess that when we talk about fangirling, most parents are most concerned about school results (at least in Singapore).

Even if we can't produce good results, we have to at least put in effort right? Reading your textbook for an extra hour might not necessarily give you better grades, but spending that one hour watching fancams will definitely not give you better grades.

I know how we talk about being an ELF forever, but we also know that this isn't the way out in life right. I mean ELF can't be an occupation, being an ELF doesn't bring you money, being an ELF doesn't bring you a job. Sometimes, we just have to be practical and be responsible for our own lives. 

Neglecting studies or even work to fangirl is just not right. 

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  1. this is really well said, dear.. :) very well said indeed..and i do agree with this parents are very strict on my studies..even to my sister..they will put aside anything for us to keep our focus in studying..especially my mom..she even refused to teach us how to cook so we can spend more time on studying (u know how most malay mothers teach their daughters to cook in their teenage years *sigh*) but yeah, this is embarrassing but until now, i really don't know how to :P

    so anyways, sorry for getting off the topic, hehe, but really, money is essential nowadays..u can't even buy the albums if u're moneyless..for elf to get the money is by working..and to get a good pay in a company, elf need to have good elf, study is's the indirect key to support our boys.. :D

    ps: hwaiting elf! u can do it! XD