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28Feb2012 Sukira

Sungmin: Both of us caught a cold. Ryeowook sshi, how’re you now?
Wook: I’m better than yesterday.
Sungmin: I also feel like I’ve recovered.
Wook: Cos we ate the medicine given by the writer noona yesterday. She also gave us some today.
Sungmin: Ah, thank you. As we’re DJs, we’re sorry for catching a cold, we will be careful and healthy in future. Listeners, don’t fall sick too!

Listener texted in “He came to find me – cold”.
Wook: I said “she” during opening. (During opening, Wook said “she” came to find us and they’re talking about cold.)
Sungmin: During opening, you said “she” just now so I was wondering if I should also say “she”.
Wook: You accepted it with sense.
Sungmin: I got a shock!

Listener’s story is about wanting to get back with the person she’s already broken up with.
Sungmin: It’s not easy to be with the person, whom you’ve broken up with, again. What do you think?
Wook: I will do what I feel like doing. Hahaha.
Sungmin: That’s being irresponsible!
Wook: I’m gonna get scolded for saying that.
Sungmin: By who?
Wook: Listeners.. Hahahaha
Sungmin: Nah~ That’s Ryeowook sshi’s view.

Listener’s problem: She is born at the start of 1988, so she doesn’t know if she should be 25 or 26 years old. She’s also asking for solutions as to how she should speak comfortably with people born in 1988.
Sungmin: I’m also born at the start of 1986.
Wook: 1st January.
Sungmin: I attend school with people born in 1985, so I just say I’m born in 1985. Because according to the lunar calendar, I’m born on 12 December 1985. Eunhyuk and I were born 3 months apart. I’m 1st Jan and he’s 4th April.
Wook: Did you all decide on how you should greet each other?
Sungmin: We’re students when we met, I just said that I’m hyung.
Wook: I’m a regular 1987. June 1987.
Wook: Magnae writer is born in Feb 1987 and Hyuk is born in Apr1986. They attend the same level of school but she calls Hyuk “oppa”. But I call her “noona”.
Sungmin: Let’s sort it out today.

Note: The writer is born in Feb1987 so she be considered as born in 1986, and therefore the same age as Hyuk, but she shouldn’t be calling Hyuk oppa.

Listener suggested “just keep your birthdate a secret”.
Sungmin: That’s right. Actually there aren’t many chances for you to show your identity card. So I just say I’m born in 1985.
Wook: You’re gonna lie like that?
Sungmin: That’s not lying!
Wook: I really hate people who are born at the start of the year. I quarreled with Kyuhyun because of that.
Sungmin: Because you really want to hear him call you hyung?
Wook: That’s not because I want to hear him call me hyung. He’s younger than me in age but he said we attend the same level in school during the early days of our debut. At that time, I feel that when you’re born at the start of the year and want to be friends (meaning same age) as the person born in the previous year, you can only do so if the other party is willing. It’s the same with people who have age difference of 10 or 5 years.

Listener suggested to just say the zodiac instead of age.
Sungmin: I will just say “My zodiac is cow!” proudly.
Wook: Your zodiac is cow? Ah, that’s really 2 years difference with me.

Wook said that his dad is also born at the start of the year. So he’s friends with people born the year before. But when he reached his 40s, he suddenly didn’t want to be friends with them and wants to be a year younger.

Sungmin: There’s something I’m sad about. During new year’s broadcast, they will talk about the luck of different zodiacs. I’m confused because they didn’t care about me when they talk about cow.
Wook: They don’t take care of you at all?
Sungmin: That’s right. When they talk about the luck of cow, they will look at Shindong. But my zodiac is also cow!
Wook: Why didn’t you say it?
Sungmin: I said it! But they just leave me out. Everyone, I’m also born in the year of cow!

Wook said that they went to the same event as Miss A not long ago.
Sungmin: That’s right! We also ate together.
Min: We went to MAMA together. And also went to the party together. I had a good time!
Sungmin: It’s my first time going for such party.
Min: Doesn’t seem like your first time. You had fun!
Sungmin: It’s really my first time!

Wook said “Do you like me?” in Chinese to Jia.
Sungmin: I don’t understand what you just said.
Wook: Your (Jia) face turned red!
Jia: Oppa..
Wook: You called me oppa?
Jia: You’re not younger than me..
Everyone: HAHAHAHA!!
Wook: Ah, just kidding.
Jia: I know that oppa speak Chinese well.
Wook: Thank you. I love you. (In Chinese)

They mentioned about the stickers Miss A have below their eyes. RyeoSung asked if it’s real jewel and Miss A said yes. Sungmin: “How much is it?” Miss A: “It’s a joke!”

Sungmin said he’s shocked when he saw Miss A’s comeback stage. It’s really different from their styles in the past, seems like they really put in a lot of effort.

Min and Jia changed out of their performance outfit while Fei and Suzy wore their performance outfit. Sungmin: “Ah, I like the performance outfit. What a pity.”

Wook said that he has the same birthday as Min, 21 June. Min: “But there’s an age difference of 4 years..”

Wook said that Bad Girl Good Girl is a song that he really likes. It’s his favourite song that year.

RyeoSung asked about Miss A’s ideal type.
Wook: You can also name one from Super Junior. Jia sshi, you’re close to Heechul right?
Sungmin: Yah, really close right..
Wook: How about someone like Heechul sshi?
Jia: Not too bad.
Wook: Why did you shake your head but said not bad?
Jia: Heechul is a really kind oppa.
Wook: He might be listening now cos I told him Miss A is coming.

Sungmin: Jia sshi’s pronunciation is good when she’s singing but not so good when she’s talking.
Jia: No, I’m doing well.
Wook: (To Sungmin) Please take care of your own Chinese.

Sungmin: Suzy sshi, only looking at the appearance, which Suju member is your ideal type?
Wook: Ahhh~ Why am I anticipating the answer. I shouldn’t have any anticipation!
Suzy: Only looking at appearance, Eunhyuk oppa.
Sungmin: That’s ridiculous!

Suzy said that Min can’t listen to music when she’s sleeping cos she’s sensitive. Wook: “Ah, that’s exactly the same as me!”

Suzy talked about how she likes to listen to music when she sleeps while Min can’t sleep when there’s music.
Sungmin: Then don’t sleep together. For about 6 or 7 years, ah no, after we changed room, so it’s about for 3 years, Kyu always play game beside me. But now, I can sleep no matter how noisy he is.
Wook: I had a big quarrel with Kyuhyun sshi. I hate the clicking sound a lot.

RyeoSung mentioned “Goodbye Baby” so they sang a line from it.
Sungmin: Wait, I suddenly recall a bad memory. Jia sshi..
Jia: I’m sorry!
Sungmin: Previously, Jia took a signed CD, came to me and said “Ryeowook oppa, this is our CD..”
Then Sungmin sang “My name is not Ryeowook-ie” in the Goodbye Baby’s tune.
Jia: Sorry.
Sungmin: No, it’s okay, it’s interesting. We became closer because of that.
Wook: So what happens to me?

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